Beware the dangers of the den of kittens!

OK, so there aren't really any "dangers", per se, unless you're worried about getting meowed at. But a basket full of sleepy, somewhat annoyed kittens may be dangerous in the sense you go home with one.

The kittens themselves are being fostered by YouTube user DrNworb. The good doctor, who in addition to kitten fostering has two household cats, regularly works with the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association to raise up these kitties right and give them a good home.

Yes, we think VOKRA sounds like a Godzilla villain too.

On a slightly more serious note, at rescue organizations across the country it's "kitten season". That may sound like fun, but what it means is that thousands of newborn and young kittens are found orphaned and have to be taken in. So, if you think the video is cute, call your local ASPCA and see what you can do to pitch in during kitten season.