Last week on 'The X Factor,' the elimination of Drew Ryniewicz in favor of Marcus Canty was unexpected and shocking. But that was nothing compared to Thursday night's episode, where fan favorite Rachel Crow was kicked off and driven to an emotional breakdown.

In the end, it came down between 13-year-old Rachel Crow and Canty, who found himself in the bottom for the third week in a row. Surprisingly, though, Crow was given the boot.

Despite the fact that Crow has clearly outshined Canty for most of the competition, judge Nicole Scherzinger refused to vote and threw the decision to a tie. As a way to break the deadlock, Crow was sent home as the contestant with the lowest number of votes by phone.

After the reveal, Crow broke down and sobbed in her mother's arms. Scherzinger, meanwhile, looked shocked and was loudly booed by the audience.

What do you think? Did Crow deserve to go home? And did Scherzinger shirk her responsibilities as a judge? Watch the firestorm below.