Pinterest is a place to post fashion that inspires you. But all too often we come across pins on Pinterest that are just so awful and ugly, we can't imagine they were the source of anyone's inspiration. We scoured the website for the best (or worst) fashion "fails." Most of the "fails" on our list are impractical, some are creepy and others are just plain ugly. Take a look at what we found below.

High-waisted pants have definitely been "in" the pasts few years, but this pant goes way above the waist. Ending right under the armpits, pants may not even be the right category. In any case, this pant-jumper-thing is definitely a fashion "fail."

Not even Pocahontas would wear these hand-made moccasins. Tying animal hide to your feet does not mean you're ready to join a tribe, nor should you be allowed in public wearing these.

This pink and green pattern here could be cute for a child's sweater. But wait! What are those "randomly" placed circles doing there? There is no occasion where this fashion disaster would be appropriate. This strange sweater has no place in anyone's wardrobe.

If you've ever wanted to wear a mini dress but felt your knees were too cold, this feather duster number may be for you! If your next event is avian-themed, then we'd recommend this dress. If not, stay far away.

The model may look pretty, but she's not tricking anyone into buying this dress/wrap combo. This colorful doily has no place in anyone's outfit. She looks like she's wearing a quilt her grandma knitted.

Don't get us wrong, groups of stuffed animals are adorable. But not when they're attached to your clothing. There's something cruel about this fur coat with the animal's faces still attached. True, they never were alive, but these bears are clearly meant for cuddling, not for fashion.

This should be added to our list of Pinterest "Don'ts" -- posting fashion that belongs in the bedroom is a big no-no. Unless you're a stripper, these boots should never be worn in public -- or posted on public internet sites.

If you're a cowboy with an upcoming trip to the beach, you may be tempted by these shoes. Our advice: just don't. This shoe marriage is one that's just bound to fail.

The drop-crotch pant fad for women is controversial enough, but now there's a jean version?! This spin on the sagging-pants trend may not expose any underwear, but there is nothing flattering about them.

These shoes are neither fashionable nor practical. The polka dot design looks like tacky wrapping paper and the ribbon is bound to trip someone.

If the saying is true that you are what you eat, then this model must be on a pure hamburger diet. Unless it's halloween, dressing up as a hamburger is definitely a fashion "fail." Almost as fail-worthy: the matching hat.

This coin purse is just plain scary. Are those real teeth? We'd rather not know. Don't expect to get any money back that was put in there.

Regardless of whether lace up boots with devil horn heels are your style, these shoes have to be a "fail" for their lack of the most important part of the shoe. The sole! You might as well be tiptoeing around barefoot.

This hat just looks dangerous. You better hope those safety pins don't come undone or they could poke an eye out.

This yellow feathery coat is way too reminiscent of Big Bird. We like to watch 'Sesame Street' characters, not wear them.