If you'd asked Betty Russell a week ago, she'd have told you she's a light sleeper.  However, since the tornado that ripped apart her home Thursday night, the 76-year-old has a new opinion of her sleeping style.

"I didn't know I was that heavy a sleeper," the Mobile, Alabama woman said. "[The tornado] had caved in the south side of my house and honestly I didn't hear it. I cannot believe I didn't hear it but I didn't."

Russell had dozed off in the living room while watching TV when the storm hit. It's a good thing she did: the tornado ended up ripping a big hole over the bedroom where she usually sleeps.

Most of her house was damaged by the high winds. But it wasn't until rescue workers arrived that Russell woke up.

"She was actually woken up by the sirens and didn't know what happened until the fireman escorted her outside," daughter-in-law Phyllis Russell explained.