Will the poetic lyricisms of pop punk trio Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, aka Blink-182, help you in the pursuit of women. In this video, "Tommy," a Blink-182 fan, attempts to pick up random girls in public by use of famous Blink-182 lyrics. Did it work? Well, no. But it was hilariously awkward.

The video was made for a contest being held in order to see who can advertise Blink-182's current European tour the best. As weird as Tommy's idea might be to you, the video has wracked over 105,000 hits on YouTube. Way to go! Maybe it helped him snag a date along the process? We're not sure.

Using lyrics from songs such as 'Dammit' and 'Miss You,' Tommy took to the streets, the markets, a Target and parks to make his move on several girls, all of whom took to the awkwardness of his doings rather differently.

In the beginning of the video, Tommy claimed he's terrible at meeting girls. We're not quite certain whether or not the experience has made him better at that, something we all wish would happen to us, but we do know that it left us with a very entertaining four minutes. And it's safe to say the women Tommy met aren't likely to forget him anytime soon.