Ever wonder what a Whopper with 1,000 slices of cheese on it looks like? Wait, really? You haven't? Yeah, neither have we. But believe it or not, some people are rather curious.

An example of such would be Mr. Sato, the same guy who ate a Whopper that had 1,050 slices of bacon on it. This guy has a lot of time of his hands. And boy does he love Whoppers...

Or he just loves things that go on top of Whoppers; we're not sure.

Regardless, it's sort of disgusting to watch, now that we think about it. Like, he's just eating cheese throughout the five-minute video. Much to our surprise, a Whopper consisting of 1,000 slices of cheese doesn't look appealing, but we can't stop watching.

What's even more revolting is the fact that this thing has 45,661 calories. How in the heck does this guy stay so thin? Seriously! People all over the country are probably scouring the internet for Mr. Sato's secret.

Ready for some more images of the famed Mr. Sato in action? Well, here they come: