For some time now, the internet has been abuzz with reports of strange noises from all across the world. And now, West Seattle residents have the dubious distinction of experiencing a mysterious hum for the second time since 2009.

The bizarre sound has allegedly been keeping people awake at night and has everyone guessing as to its origin. Resident Julie Schickling struggled to explain the creepy noise. "It gets higher and lower. It kind of goes away, comes back," she said. "It does have an unworldly sound to it."

Some residents suspect the sound might be coming from a neighboring industrial cement plant or from ships reverberating in a nearby waterway. Others think Boeing Field-King County International Airport or even the mating call of the Midshipman fish could be to blame. But for now, the ominous noise goes unexplained.

What do you think? Is the noise easily explained? Or is something more sinister to blame? Aliens, maybe?