The first thought that comes to us watching this is: "This guy had a lot of time on his hands!" But what came out of it was actually something fascinating, a two minute video of him fully stripping an engine he purchased from eBay in order to replace his old one. It's a collection of snaps that represent the process.

Along with time and as proven by the title, this guy had a heck of a lot of coffee to aid him in the project. We'd imagine you need a ton when facing 11 months of work, cutting, snapping, and storyboarding 3,000 photographs of an engine. Uploading fifty from a vacation is enough of a pain.

Backed by 'In The Hall of The Mountain King' from Edvard Grieg's 'Peer Gynt Suite', the video is a totally innovative idea and shows beyond doubt to be an entertaining view. We watch as the engine is completely stripped, rebuilt and ultimately placed into his car, which now drives seemingly perfectly.

Let's just hope those parts at the end don't go to anything crucial.