Ever wonder how the stone heads on Easter Island got to Easter Island in the first place. Simple: they walked there.

At least that's the theory espoused by two researchers, Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo. And to prove it, they made a replica head and ropes out of the same materials the natives had access to, and rather dramatically demonstrate that these heads could walk.

If it looks bizarre, it's really all down to physics. As one side pulls, it can get enough energy to tilt the head, but not enough to pull it over. As a result, the head pivots slightly. With this admittedly extremely tiring method, the head can wiggle down to the spot you want it.

This potentially solves a major riddle about the heads. That's not a light piece of statuary in the clip; it weighs five tons, and many of the heads were even heavier. It's baffled scientists for years that these heads were placed with no modern equipment. And now we know.

Hey, can we get that stone head for our lawn?