We were first introduced to Chubbs, the adorable pug dressed up in a Wampa costume, in an adorable viral video. But now his owner, an obvious 'Star Wars' fan, has made Chubbs' first fan-made video debut by re-enacting the famous scene from 'The Empire Strikes Back' where Luke Skywalker encounters the snow monster on the planet of Hoth.

Unlike the original scene though, Skywalker doesn't get to cut off the Wampa's arm. Instead...well, see for yourself below.

The use of 'Star Wars' action figures aside, we must compliment the production values of this video. The Wampa's cave, Wampug's 'acting,' Luke using the force to retrieve his lightsaber from the 'snow' -- all really well done! It may not be a scene-by-scene remake, but we're not complaining. It's still better than 'Phantom Menace'.