Verizon is jazzing up their formerly hotter-than-hot Razr brand by adding more colors to their Droid Razr phones. They also added color to their new commercial with a solid music track. But what’s the song?

The song is ‘Turn It Gold’ by Hesta Prynn. Prynn is a punky alternative dynamo based in New York. She’s pretty, she’s hardcore and every once in a while she busts out of her indie chains to work with well-known recording artists like Jay-Z. (She was also a member of the all-girl hip hop group Northern State.)

The striking sound that earned her a place in the Razr ad is a genius blend of opposing styles. Natural instrumentation is woven into electronic vibes. Surf guitar blends seamlessly into a synth melody. We may not know Prynn well in the mainstream, but this is an alt diva who gets mad props from Cypress Hill to Slipknot. Head to iTunes to download her featured 'Turn It Gold' track.

Watch the punked up spot and Prynn’s video for ‘Turn It Gold’ below.