While the world struggles to make sense of the senseless violence in Libya, the online gaming community mourns for Sean Smith,  who was working as an information management officer at United States consulate and was killed as the raisers stormed the building to protest what they felt was an "anti-Islamic film."

Smith, who was better known as "Vile Rat" to the EVE Online community, disconnected from the game's chatroom when he heard gunfire, which was a normal occurance given the fact that he was previously stationed in other dangerous areas. However, this time Vile Rat never came back into the chat and disappeared from the internet.

Smith was part of the Goonswarm Alliance; these players were originally from the "Something Awful" forums and was one of the Alliance's best diplomats. His influence was so impressive and respected that Smith was also picked to be part of the Council of Stellar Management, who has direct contact with the developers of EVE Online.

Gamers are showing their grief  by creating touching YouTube memorials and message board posts. His friend and fellow EVE gamer Alex "The Mittani" Gianturco also wrote a wonderful blog post on his website dedicated to his best friend of six years. It's certain that the EVE Online community will make sure that Sean Smith's contributions will be remembered for years to come.