If we listed our favorite TV characters, all of them would be characters that we actually saw. But there were also a lot of great characters that never gotten screen time at all.

This supercut list from Mewslists ranks the top 15 characters that were part of their shows but we never actually saw onscreen.

Included on the list are Niles' wife Maris from 'Frasier'), Norm's wife Vera ('Cheers'), Stan ('Will & Grace'), Bob Sacamano ('Seinfeld'), and Columbo's wife. (Oh, the off-screen spouse TV trope.) Fans of 'The Andy Griffith Show' will also be pleased to see that they included Juanita. Though the list compilers do cheat a bit though with Wilson from 'Home Improvement,' since we did see 98% of him.

Did they forget someone? Let us know in the comments below. We're a little surprised that Mewlists included the 'Peanuts' teacher but left off Nanny from 'Muppet Babies' who was nothing but a pair of legs and a voice.

[via BuzzFeed]