Most of America isn't watching the Euro 2012, because, let's face it, we've got other slow-paced sports to watch. But occasionally, you miss a gem if you don't watch, and we're not talking about some guy kicking a ball into a net.

We're talking about this Ukrainian fan, who, most assuredly, does not have moves like Jagger.

This was played at...halftime? Intermission? Recess? What do they call the break they take in soccer? Anyway, the game was stopped, and to entertain and annoy the fans, they started playing Maroon 5's inescapable song about the dancing prowess of the geriatric Rolling Stone lead singer.

Apparently, this guy felt inspired to dance along. Since this was a sporting event, we're going to assume he was moved by equal parts national pride and alcohol. Or maybe just the alcohol.