Two guys who didn't want the party to end, even though their friend did, were found guilty for reasons other than reminding people of the horror that was 'Weekend at Bernie's'.

43-year-old Robert Young and 25-year-old Mark Rubinson of Denver, Colo. each pleaded guilty as part of a plea agreement for transporting the body of their deceased friend who died as the result of a drug and alcohol overdose.

The two men found the body of Jeffrey Jarrett last August at his home in Denver. Rather than call the proper authorities, they put him in the back seat of Rubinson's SUV and went out for one last night on the town. They even stopped at a Mexican restaurant, a gas station, and convenience store and paid for all of it with Jarrett's debit card.

Then they brought the man's body back to the house where they found it, and went to a strip club where they withdrew and spent $400 more from Jarrett's account before calling the police and reporting the death.

Both men received a misdemeanor count of abuse of a corpse, and Young received a felony charge of identity theft for using the deceased man's debit card. Prosecutors agreed to a sentence of two years of deferred adjudication for Young, who must also undergo mental health and substance abuse treatment. Rubinson received the same sentence but with a one-year suspended sentence. They are also required to write a letter of apology to the victim's family.

Frankly, forcing them to sit through 'Weekend at Bernie's 2' would have been a fitter punishment, even if the Constitution sees it as cruel and unusual.

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