Japan's Wrecking Crew Orchestra are known in their native land for, among other things, appearing in an ad for Sony.

But the world got a taste of their unique talents this week when a video of the troupe performing a colorful 'Tron'-inspired dance went viral.

In the video, which is from a performance last month, the dancers use LED lights and a dark stage to create a dramatic effect. The lights are in the form of ribbons and tape, and their flashes can be controlled wirelessly.

Impressive stuff. The Blue Man Group needs to step up their game. You can learn more about the Wrecking Crew Orchestra on their website. There are actually other dance troupes doing similar routines out there, including Team iLuminate. So it seems LED isn't just revolutionizing lighting, it's also doing great things for dance. Check out the commercial the Wrecking Crew Orchestra did for Sony below.