Tripp Palin has been famous since before he was born. The nation first learned about Bristol Palin's son when John McCain surprisingly made her mother, Sarah Palin, his presidential running mate in 2008. At the time, Bristol was 17 and pregnant with Tripp and many wondered how that would play out politically.

We haven't heard a whole lot from Tripp since. Which isn't surprising, considering he has yet to turn four. But a word he uttered on last week's episode of the reality show 'Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp' has just brought him back into the spotlight.

Read on to hear what the little tyke said in this NSFW clip.

It sounds an awful lot like Tripp called his aunt Willow Palin a homophobic slur that rhymes with "maggot" in that clip. However, it's hard to tell for sure because the word is mostly bleeped out.

Matt Lutz, showrunner for 'Life's a Tripp,' disputes this interpretation. In an email he sent to Gawker he writes that he's reviewed the raw video multiple times and is sure Tripp is using another bleep-able F-word that rhymes with "mucker."

What do you think? We guess Lutz's explanation does make more sense. Even a three-and-a-half-year-old knows his aunt isn't a bundle of sticks and twigs.