For years, mankind was wished and dreamed of an efficient and futuristic way to travel in style, comfort and efficiency and the pop culture consensus has determined that tubes would be the best way to go (literally).

The Jetsons famously used it in place of elevators. Jack Black foretold of it as one half of the "Two Kings" in the Tenacious D song of the same name. 'Futurama's' "New New York" made the smelly public city bus and seedy underground subway obsolete with their smelly, seedy system of transportation tubes.

Now, one company claims they can turn the dream of transportation geeks into a reality. A company in Crystal River, FL, called ET3 claims to have developed plans for the first fully-functional system of ultra-fast, quiet and clean transportation tubes that would bring people to their destination the same way we transport endorsed checks and loose change to drive-thru bank tellers.

The company demonstrated their innovation with a video commissioned by Next Media Animation, the same Taiwanese studio that regularly makes absolutely insane news cartoons on everything from the new 'Avengers' movie to the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Thankfully, NMA put down whatever they were smoking to create an animated video for ET3's transportation system.

Right now, these are just plans and nothing official has made its way off the drawing board. However, ET3 did announce that they are developing a virtual simulation of the ride technology and will allow a few lucky fans the chance to test it out for themselves by signing up for a ride on their website.

This better not be some viral hoax. Our hearts, souls and gas cards wouldn't be able to take the shock.