The Charlatans were a pretty huge band in England during the '90s, charting three number one albums during that time period. They were never as big a deal in the United States, where they were known as 'The Charlatans UK,' though their 1992 song 'Weirdo' did hit number one on the American modern rock chart in 1992.

But while Charlatans lead singer Tim Burgess never quite cracked America as an artist, he now may have a second chance to do so as cereal innovator. That's because Burgess recently sent a tweet to Kellogg's in which he joked that he had invented a new breakfast cereal called 'Totes Amazeballs.'

Surprisingly, Kellogg's decided that was a great name for a cereal. So they made one, which is a mix of Coco Pops, marshmallows, shortbread pieces and raisins. At first the creation was just a one-off lark. But since releasing a mock-up box on social media and garnering lots of good publicity, the cereal giant is thinking about making it for mass distribution.

If you're wondering about the cereal's strange name, here is how Burgess explains it:

People have started to use that expression and it kind of gets up people's noses, but it sounded to me like something Willy Wonka would come up with."

Yup, almost sounds good enough to eat.

[via Spinner]