Being a toddler is awesome because you can get away with darned near everything. As proof, look no further than this video of a cute little girl who tries to say the word "fire pit" and says something entirely naughty instead. (Possibly NSFW if you think she's saying a phrase that rhymes with "bucket.")

This little girl struggles to express her excitement over the fire pit in her backyard, but utters something that sounds like "f*ck it" over and over. Despite repeated attempts by her parents to correct her pronunciation, she never wavers from profanity.

According to her parents, the toddler is simply saying the phrase incorrectly and isn't repeating something she's heard at home. "Just for the record, she has never heard the words 'f*ck it' come out of our mouths, or the mouths of our friends and family. (At least that we know of.) This is pure coincidence," they wrote in the video's YouTube description.

Oh, sure, it's all fun and games now. But just wait until she tells one of her teachers at daycare to "fire pit."