Alexandre Dubosc is a French animator and director with a deep love of Tim Burton. And also baked goods, if this video he made is any indication. Because he didn't just put together a delicious chocolate cake as a tribute to Tim Burton...he made it into a zoetrope.

A zoetrope, for those not familiar, is an early form of film; you put a series of images in a circle, and spin it at a certain speed to create the illusion of movement.

In this case, Dubosc packed it with detail and tributes to Burton's work. The little Batman symbols and Jack Skellington are just the start: if you look closely, there are lots of animated details he worked into the cake. For example, the spirals on the cake turn up repeatedly in the background of pretty much all of Burton's movies.

The only problem is we can't imagine anybody actually eating this cake. Would you?