Fans of the gritty HBO drama 'The Wire,' which ran between 2002 and 2008, often attribute its low ratings to the show being "too real" for the average viewer. Perhaps that's why the folks at Sketchy have remade the critically acclaimed series using Legos.

Yes, McNulty, Omar, Snoop, Stringer, Bubbles, Barksdale and all your Baltimore favorites have been rendered into miniature Lego figures. Take a journey down the mean streets of 'Brick-timore" below. (Video is NSFW for language and stop-motion animated violence.)

It turns out 'The Wire' is pretty gritty even in toy brick form, so we're not sure if this effort will win the show any new fans. (Nor do we think 'The Wire' musical, which hit the web last month, will do the trick.)

But those who are already into 'The Wire' have to be impressed with the way the Lego version was able to incorporate all five seasons -- even the much-maligned season two -- into just four minutes.

Our one complaint is that the shape of the Lego figurine makes all the characters on the show with shaved heads look ridiculous.  That's really something Lego needs to work on in our increasingly post-hair world.