While the HBO show 'The Wire' never drew big ratings during its five season run, just about everybody who watched it is pretty convinced that it's THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION.

Now, the gritty drama, which TV snobs love to love, has been reinvented as a musical, thanks to the folks at Funny or Die.

In fact, they even got many of the actors and actresses who played your favorite Baltimore-based cops and cons on the original show to star in this song and dance extravaganza. Check it out below. (NSFW for language.)

Yup, that was Felicia Pearson reprising her notorious Snoop character, but looking jarringly ladylike in a cocktail dress. And Michael K. Williams' Omar has been brought back to life. And then killed. And then brought back to life!

Sadly, out-of-control cop Jimmy McNulty was played by a new actor and not Dominic West, who we've always wanted to hear sing. Nevertheless, we are prepared to say that 'The Wire: The Musical' is THE GREATEST MUSICAL PARODY OF A TELEVISION SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF THE INTERNET.