The Force is strong in England! A new report shows that the religion of the Jedi Knights from George Lucas's 'Star Wars' is the fastest growing alternative religion in England and Wales.

After a nationwide campaign in Britain, the Jedi finally made it onto the official Census lists back in 2001 with 390,127 Force-users. Although this number has dropped about 50% over the past ten years, the Jedi Knights are still the most-selected alternative religion on the Census and make up 0.31% of all the stated religious affiliations in England and Wales.

However, it is not only the Jedi Knights who are seeing more members join their ranks: other alternative faiths such as Paganism, Spiritualists, and those who worship heavy metal (we kid you not) have all seen their numbers grow in the Census.

So, if you want to become a Jedi, where in England can you find an instructor to teach you the ways of the Force? Try moving to Norwich, our young Padawan! The Census report revealed that this city has the third highest proportion of Jedi Knights living there, along with the highest proportion of metal worshippers and Atheists.

Perhaps we'll see a Jedi Temple being built in Merry Olde England someday soon--now that would be something to see when you are vacationing there. But until such a house of worship is built for the Jedi in England, may the Force be with you all!