Prepare for the Undead Apocalypse at Zombie Boot Camp
Now that you've brushed up on your zombie knowledge and outrun a few of the undead on an obstacle course, you may think you're ready for the impending "Zombie Apocalypse." But for those who aren't so sure, we may have the answer: zombie boot camp.
Zombies vs. Vampires — Which Are Better?
In one corner, we have zombies, the flesh-eating walking corpses brought back into popularity by AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' 'Resident Evil' and the like.
In the other, we have vampires, made famous by their sexual allure and their portrayals in 'Twilight' and 'T…
Adorable Puppies Swarm Helpless Kitty Like Zombies [VIDEO]
These days, horror movies come with a lot of hype and rarely deliver the bone-chilling, spine-tingling goods.  Horror writers just can't seem to come up with an original idea.
Maybe they need to watch this video of adorable puppies descending playfully on a cat like hungry zombies for inspi…
Could the $6 Billion Zombie Industry Save the Economy?
While the phrase "zombie economy" evokes the all-too real threat of severally weakened financial institutions unable to service the public's needs, it actually has a much more literal -- and more lucrative -- meaning.
Through interviews with zombie insiders and their own calculations, the f…

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