Where Are They Now?

Whatever Happened to the Cast of ‘Newsies’?
They seized the day. They were the kings of New York. They were... a complete and utter box office bomb. They were the (shockingly eclectic) cast and creators of Newsies, the 1992 Disney attempt to revive the live-action musical. So where are they now?
See the Kids From ‘The Brady Bunch Movie’ Then and Now
While never a huge hit during its original run, 'The Brady Bunch' just grew and grew in pop cultural significance after getting canceled in 1974. So to cash in on the series' unusual trajectory its creators reunited the original cast for various TV movies, variety shows, spin-offs and TV specials th…
Whatever Happened to Jason Marsden? [PHOTO]
Then: After a stint on 'General Hospital' and as Eddie Munster on 'The Munsters Today,' Jason Marsden began a string of prominent guest appearances on sitcoms like 'Full House,' 'Blossom' and 'Boy Meets World.' Finally, in 1995, Marsden became a seri…

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