Newlyweds Wow Crowd With Awesome Swing Dance Moves
A newlywed's first dance. It's the one thing soon-to-be married couples seem to spend more time on these days, even more than rehearsing the actual wedding recital. While dancing to Michael Jackson classics may seem like the bigger viral hit, here's a couple who shocked everyone by ki…
Couple Ties the Knot at IKEA
When couples dream of a venue for their wedding, an IKEA furniture store probably isn't the top of the list. But that's exactly where a Maryland couple got hitched on Tuesday. What's Swedish for "adorable"?
Brides Worse Nightmare – Huskies Devour Wedding Dress
Clearly there's a lack of context, so it's we don't know if these huskies are being fed a wedding dress because somebody was dissatisfied with the state of the marriage or the dogs just found the wedding dress unattended and pounced. Either way, they are devouring the g…
Adorable Old Woman Ties The Knot On Her 100th Birthday
For many of us, our 100th birthday is so far off, it's almost impossible to imagine where we'll be or what we'll be capable of during those VERY golden years. Dana Jackson decided spend her centennial getting married to her 87-year-old boyfriend, proving that you're never too old…

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