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Watch ‘RollerCoaster Tycoon’ in Real Life
From the man who brought you 'Real Life Super Mario Bros,' comes another installment in his series of video games in real -- this time it's 'RollerCoaster Tycoon.' AndrewMFilms takes the game out of the Xbox and puts it into a street, and then things turn ugly.
Did Morgan Freeman Audition for ‘Duke Nukem’?
Morgan Freeman is the coolest 75-year-old, ever. We understand that’s a pretty big statement, but we think it’s one upon which most of you will agree. Now he’s amped up that cool factor tenfold by seemingly taking a crack at the world of video games. M…
Who’ll Survive in the ‘Looper’ 8-Bit Video Game?
If you've been waiting to see how Joseph Gordon-Levitt does at pretending he's young Bruce Willis when 'Looper' comes out next month, you'll probably be pretty pleased to see that when he's in (sort of) 8-bit graphics he kind of looks like he could maybe be the guy. And…
21 Awesome ‘Nintendo Power’ Covers
Anyone nostalgic for the glory days of gaming will be sad to hear that 'Nintendo Power' will be magazine-shuttering its magazine-windows soon, with a senior editor promising on Twitter to try to "make the last issues memorable." We'll miss this magazine, which sadly cannot compete with som…
See an Amazing Real Life Portal Gun In Action
Without a doubt, the coolest part of the hit video game 'Portal' is the portal gun, a device which allows players to create wormholes in three-dimensional space. This visually-stunning fan video by Jason Craft attempts to show how the awesome weapon would operate in real-life.

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