Olly the Smelly Robot Uses Aroma to Alert You About Internet Events
Most of us with a bit of computer savvy can assign sounds to incoming emails or other online happenings. But what if you could assign odors to them as well?
That's the idea behind Olly, a USB-powered device which takes internet events and turns them into smells. A slide-out tray in the back of the de…
Comedian Rob Delaney Suing Kim Kardashian Over Quickie Divorce
While one would think Kim Kardashian's speedy divorce from human prop Kris Humphries would provide stand-up comics with easy punchlines, comedian Rob Delaney is taking the news in an entirely different direction.
In a column he writes for Vice Magazine, Delaney declared that he will be…
Did Ex-Weezer Bassist Mikey Welsh Predict His Own Death on Twitter?
We predict this is one of the oddest stories you'll see all week: Ex-Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh was found dead in a hotel room last week, and in a strange twist, he might have actually predicted the date and locations of his demise on Twitter just a couple of weeks earlier.
On September 26, the 40-ye…
Hand-Stitched Renderings of Kanye West Tweets for Sale on Etsy
Love him or hate him, Kanye West will not be ignored. Case in point: since joining Twitter in July of 2010, he's racked up more than four million followers. And while some may be true fans of the hip-hop star, others follow just for the comedy -- intentional or otherwise.
Crooner Josh Groban has set…

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