Twitter Has No Idea Who Paul McCartney Is
During this year's Grammys, you may or (apparently) may not have recognized former Beatle and rock-and-roll legend, Sir Paul McCartney. After his amazing two-part performance, the TwitterVerse lit up with a trending topic wondering 'Who is Paul McCartney?.'  This left the …
Whitney Houston Dies – Movie and TV Stars React on Twitter
Whitney Houston, the legendary singer whose talent carried her to superstardom and whose tumultuous personal life ultimately put her under the pop culture microscope, died today at the age of 48.
The night before the Grammys, TV and movie stars expressed their grief over Houston's death, and ac…
‘Family Guy’ Tweet Gets British Duo Banned From America
When British tourists Leigh Van Bryan and Emily Banting arrived in Los Angeles, customs officials discovered that Van Bryan had recently sent out a tweet about "destroying America."
While any English person (and most Americans) would understand that by "destroy" he meant to get ri…
The Pope Gives Facebook and Twitter a ‘Like’
No one can accuse Pope Benedict XVI of being old-fashioned, even if his beliefs on doctrine are strictly traditionalist. The Pontiff proved he holds his traditional views in a very modern social landscape by praising the usefulness of social media communication.
7 Eerily Accurate Rob Lowe Tweets [IMAGES]
As you may have heard, Rob Lowe recently announced on Twitter that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning would be retiring. While Lowe is getting flack for claiming that his "people" told him that Manning would soon be hanging up his jersey, it turns out that the 'Park…
Why Hasn’t Demi Moore Changed Her Twitter Name Yet?
In the grand scheme of things, getting a new Twitter handle probably isn't high on the list of things you have to do right away.
But that hasn't stopped followers of Demi Moore and media pundits (including us back in November) from wondering why Moore hasn't changed her @mrskutcher nam…

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