Betty White Joins Twitter, Our Life is Complete
Yes, Betty White is on Twitter. Everyone's favorite 90-year-old has finally graced us with her presence on social media by joining Twitter with her own verified account. Given her popularity, it didn't take White long to accumulate over 90,000 followers in just a matter of hours. So what d…
Twitter Helped Stop a Carjacking
To most people, Twitter is just another social media site for sharing trite thoughts and links to random stuff found on the internet. But for a guy in South Africa, Twitter saved his car and possibly his life.
One Man is Trying to Meet All the Kevins On Twitter
The Internet can be a cold and inhuman place. A lot of social media sites and email services don't let you have a full name. They stick with you half or even a third of your name and a bunch of numbers, making your moniker sound like some cold prison number.
Cheesegod69 has tried to rectify this…
Here Are the Highlights From Madonna’s Day on Twitter
Given that Madonna is a whiz at self-promotion and has never been known to be shy, Twitter would seem like a natural fit for the pop legend. But, for whatever reason, Madonna hadn't joined the microblogging site until yesterday. And, when she did ,it was only for one day. But what a memorable d…
Fake Will Smith Tweet Causing Controversy
A recent Tweet comparing the tragic Trayvon Martin shooting with the Kim Kardashian flour incident went viral because it was seemingly sent by actor Will Smith. Except it wasn’t. The Tweet was from Twitter user @RealWillSmith, who is not, in fact, the real Will Smith.
Is Dave Chappelle Making a Comeback on Twitter?
Dave Chappelle has kept a fairly low-profile since he abruptly quit the oft-quoted 'Chappelle's Show' in 2005. But the funnyman may have just resurfaced on Twitter, perhaps the most high profile medium on the internet for professional and would-be comedians.
Did Steve Martin Troll Gwyneth Paltrow on Twitter?
Because she is really famous, Gwyneth Paltrow is able to do things like pose for pictures with comedy legends Steve Martin and Martin Short at the Academy Awards.
But don't think Paltrow doesn't appreciate this privileged perch. The 39-year-old actress tweeted the photo above from…

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