Hallelujah! Pope Benedict Joins Twitter
Pope Benedict XVI may be the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church with a tradition dating back more than 2,000 years, but that doesn't mean he's not up on the latest technology. In fact, the Vatican recently revealed the pope's Twitter handle and said that he'll start tweeting…
The 10 Best Tweets About ‘Liz and Dick’
While many have hoped that Lifetime's biopic about the elegant Elizabeth Taylor and the dashing Richard Burton may have helped bring Lindsay Lohan's career back, it turned out to be the one thing Lohan must've been dreading: a comedy fest for the audience. Now, for your viewing pleasu…
Anderson Cooper Makes Time to Shame Twitter Trolls
What with nearly being exploded by bombs and all, you might think Anderson Cooper is a little too busy with not dying to take trolls to task. But that is simply not the case. Cooper was reporting from Gaza City on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a subject which gets a lot of people up in arms. Unf…
The Wackiest Angry Tweets About the Election
Maybe not everybody is not happy with the outcome of the presidential election yesterday. In fact, definitely everybody is not happy with it. These tweets are (very entertaining) proof of that. Please stop crying, Victoria Jackson, you'll ruin your mascara and get dehydrated. Enjoy!
The 10 Most Obvious Tweets From the Hurricane Sandy Twitter
It seems to be tradition that whenever a major hurricane is bearing down on NYC and the rest of the Eastern seaboard, memes and spoof Twitter accounts will invariable pop up. However, the funniest Twitter account for the Frankenstorm, aka Hurricane Sandy is run by Elijah Daniel and will keep you lau…
Baby Animals Meet Amanda Bynes’ Tweets
We're sad to say that Amanda Bynes' cray-cray Twitter is no more. Let us commemorate this loss by looking at pictures of baby animals mashed-up with her tweets. It's the only thing that can make us feel better.
Best Twitter Reactions to the New iPhone 5
So Apple is releasing a new iPhone (again). It's thinner, lighter, bigger and faster. It comes with headphones that might actually fit your ears. It fits in your hand. It also possesses the ability to explode the Twitterverse. Here's what people are saying.
‘Your Away Message’ Brings Old School AIM to Twitter
There's nothing quite like new social media to point out how embarrassing old social media was. Case in point, Twitter account @YourAwayMessage, which basically takes lines people would've used as their AIM away message in 1998 and tweets them instead. We are so embarrassed about that time that ever…
Bill Cosby Tweets About His Sweaters, Internet Implodes
Bill Cosby very nearly made the internet explode this morning when he tweeted some pictures of himself in totally heinous Cosby sweaters. What's left to happen after this? We wouldn't be surprised if Twitter released a statement saying they've fulfilled their destiny and then shut the…

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