True Crime

Drunk Grandparents Busted for Towing Child in Toy Car
In what may be the most egregious example of bad babysitting ever, a pair of grandparents were arrested on Sunday for drunk driving and child endangerment after police found them towing a seven-year-old-girl in a Hot Wheels car behind their SUV. Seems like something for the 'Jackass' crew,…
‘Obiwan Kenobi’ Arrested for Hit-and-Run
Here's a warning: If you change your name to that of an iconic movie character, you better not go out and commit crimes. Because if you do, we will post your driver's license on this site for all to see.
Meet "Obiwan Kenobi." Or, as some of his friends call him, "Ben." The force w…
Woman Calls 911 to Report ‘Nasty’ Hardee’s Burger
Donna Marie Nichols isn't the first person to use 911 to lodge a complaint about her fast food order. By our count Burger King, McDonald's and Subway have all driven patrons to turn to emergency services.
But, as far as we know, this Tennessee woman is the first person to call 911 on Hardee…
Florida Police on the Lookout for a Giant Slice of Pizza
There is a six-foot-tall slice of pizza on the loose in or around Lakeland, FL. Described by police as having pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers and black olives, it's actually a promotional costume for the local Papa John's.
As you can see in the surveillance tape below, the slice wa…
Cop Faces Charges After Stealing Food from Work Fridge
At one point or another, we've all fallen victim to the theft of food from an office fridge. In general, most of us chalk it up as a minor annoyance. But police in Deer Park, Texas were so fed up with an office thief that they ran a sting to catch him in the act. And, it turns out, the culprit …
Help an Ailing Mom Get Her Wonder Woman Car Back
You'd think that being a superhero would make you immune to the attention of car thieves, but, no. Recently, a superfan who's been known to occasionally dress like Wonder Woman had her superhero-themed car stolen. Where's Toronto's Batman when you need him?
College Student Faces Trial for Stealing $2 Pumpkin
Theft charges serious enough to warrant a jury trial typically involve stolen goods that are pretty expensive (just ask Lindsay Lohan about that).
But you don't have to steal high-dollar stuff to get in that kind of trouble -- in fact, a New Mexico college student is about to go on trial for all…

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