True Crime

Woman Drives Through Building, Runs Her Ex-Husband Down
It’s never a good idea to infuriate an ex-wife or estranged husband with a score to settle. You never know what your former life partner is capable of. One man, living in Utah, discovered just how angry is ex-wife really was at him. Brenda Christine White drove a Ford Explorer throug…
Polite Robber Returns Stolen Goods Along With $50
Late last month, a Guelph, Ontario, couple were leaving for work when they noticed a plastic bag on their front step. Turns out, the bag contained their Xbox, digital camera, $50 in damages and an apologetic note from a thief who had robbed them. It's further proof that Canadians are among the …
80-Year-Old Woman Fights off Robbers With Mangoes
It should've been another boring trip to the market for 80-year-old Otilia Martins, who was doing her shopping at her son-in-law's New Bedford, MA store Friday afternoon.
But things took a turn when two gun-wielding thugs burst in and demanded money from the cash register.
World’s Worst Thief Steals Fake Sandwiches
Times are tough. People need money... and food. Sadly, this means that sometimes the ones who are desperate resort to thievery as the only way out. This guy is no exception. To bad for him, his crime is a story that is sure to brighten up your day. All he wanted was a sandwich...
Wife Beats Cheating Husband With Ice Cream
What would you do if you walked into a drug store and found the person you are married to shopping with the person they are currently sleeping with? Well, it probably depends on what your philandering spouse has in their shopping basket.
In the case of Dawn Elaine Barran of Port St. Lucie, FL, she gr…
Drunken Florida Man Takes the Best Mugshot Ever
Florida man Kelsey Smith deserves a round of applause. In addition to being tasered multiple times while resisting arrest on June 19th, the 29-year-old also took what will surely go down in history as the nuttiest mugshot ever. Looking good, dude.
Judge Offers Teen Reduced Sentence if She Cuts Hair in Court
Raising kids isn't easy and parents may choose to discipline their children in a variety of different (sometimes crazy) ways. Well, it seems even judges are now getting in on the parenting game. To wit: a Utah juvenile court judge offered a reduced sentence to a convicted 13-year-old girl if he…
Pennsylvania Woman Hides in Suitcase to Escape Cops
When we pack for a getaway, we fill our suitcase with swim trunks and suntan lotion. But 28-year-old Pennsylvania woman Charley Fretz packed a suitcase with herself in an attempt to evade police on Wednesday. Needless to say, her creative method of escape didn't work.
Brave Man Kicks Knife Out of Robber’s Hand
Okay, confession time: if we witnessed a robbery first-hand, we'd probably cower in fear like a baby. But a man in Florida recently showed what he's made of by kicking a knife out of a crook's hand during the attempted robbery of a convenience store. Is this guy some sort of superhero…
Man Pays for Denny’s Breakfast With Sack of Marijuana
Sometimes when you’ve got a terrible case of the "munchies," but not a lot of money in your pocket, you just can’t be stopped from doing something pretty rash. The body needs nourishment, after all, and you don’t want to walk around with a growling stomach all night. You’ve got to eat.
A ge…

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