Go on a 5,000-Mile Hitchhiking Trip in Three Minutes [VIDEO]
You're bound to meet a few interesting people when you take a year-long hitchhiking trip across the country.
Artist, traveler and self-proclaimed 'lover of people' Benjamin Jenks met exactly 930 when he and his raised thumb journeyed 5,000 miles from Los Angeles to Maine. Artist that he is, Ben put t…
World’s Shortest Train Blazes Through Japan [VIDEO]
You've probably heard of the Smart Car but what about the Smart Train? Filmed near the Tokyu Ikegami Station in Ōta, Tokyo, this Japanese micro-train blazes through the frame so fast, you might miss it if you blink. Sure there may be some editing trickery going on in this clip (the YouTube commen…
Baguette Vending Machine Offers Up Fresh Bread 24/7 [VIDEO]
You can get lobster from a vending machine in Japan, so why not a baguette from one in France? French baker Jean-Louis Hecht has developed a machine which dispenses warm, fresh bread any time of the day. The idea for the innovation came when customers would knock on the door of his apartment -- whic…
Star Trek Resort Coming to Jordan
Trekkies will have the perfect place to enjoy a little fun in the sun, come 2014, when a 1.5 billion dollar Star Trek-themed resort is scheduled to open in the Middle Eastern kingdom of Jordan.
Stowaway Bat Freaks Out Airplane Passengers [VIDEO]
Forget snakes on plane -- now we've got bats invading our airlines.
Last Friday, passengers on an Atlanta-bound Delta flight felt like they were in an airborne Gotham City when a bat emerged from the cabin, giving travelers quite a start.

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