Play Super Mario Bros. in a Cardboard Box [VIDEO]
The Super Mario Bros. have made hundreds of appearances in different video games since the characters were introduced in 1985, but this one is probably the most unique.
It's an electronic board game version of the Nintendo classic, the player maneuvers Mario analog-style, using a conve…
Ouch! Spectacularly Painful See-Saw Fail [VIDEO]
For some reason, these two kids thought they could simultaneously jump from one precariously balanced see-saw to another. Their plan ends up setting off a chain reaction of fail when one of the boys falls short in his leap and has the seesaw smack him full-speed in the jaw. Ouch.
Playground Fails Supercut [VIDEO]
It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. At least that's how the old adage goes but if this video compilation of playground fails is any indication, it's only after someone gets hurt that the fun really begins. From swing sets to see-saws and every piece of play equipment in between, this…
Barbie and Ken’s Elaborate Wedding Album [PICTURES]
Wedding photography isn't always terribly original -- flip through the albums of a dozen couples and you'll usually find many of the same shots and poses (hey, if it ain't broke).
French photographer Beatrice de Guigne has knowingly captured the essence of the modern wedding album in a shoot with eve…

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