Time Lapse Videos

Here’s a Time Lapse Story of a Man and His Chin Beard
We've got to hand it to this guy -- not only does he have the determination to take a picture of himself nearly every day for five years, but he also knows a lot of different ways to style his facial hair. One particular style stands above all the rest, though, and while some might call this a five-…
Watch a Heartwarming Time-Lapse Pregnancy Video
In this sweet and charming video, a young couple decided to take photos over the course of the gestation period, including their move to Japan. First posted on reddit, Robert Bobberson shared what was the culmination of several weeks of photo sessions and over 20 hours spent in the editing room to m…
Take a Ride Across America in Five Minutes [VIDEO]
Brian DeFrees, 25, took a two-month road trip across America and recorded his entire trip through a dashboard mounted cam. Now, thanks to time-lapse technology, you can now watch the entire 12,225 mile cross-country drive, from sea to shinning sea, in about five minutes.

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