Surfing Dogs Hang Ten at ‘Surf City’
That's Sugar, the surf dog riding the biggest wave ever by a dog his size in a small dog surfing contest. It happened this weekend at Surf City Surf Dog -- a weekend-long event in Huntingdon Beach, California. We've got lots of pictures of the event too, which means you get to experience t…
LED Surfboards Light Up The Ocean
If you're a surfer, you'll find yourself with a problem. Once the Sun goes down, it's hard to catch some waves. Pukas Surfboards would like to change that by adding some LEDs.
Waves Set Aglow With L.E.D-Lit Surfboard [VIDEO]
Argentinian professional surfer Aritz Aranburu made the sport even flashier by affixing L.E.D. lights to his board.
The effect is pretty incredible: When Aranburu surfs at night, it looks like there's a giant glow stick darting in and out of the waves.