Super Mario Bros.

8 Pop Culture Romance Novels We Wish Were Real
This Valentine’s Day, millions will cuddle up with their cats and a box of Dove bars and sink into a juicy romance novel. Wouldn’t it be far more interesting if romance novels contained the complexity, suspense and intrigue of our favorite TV shows and movies? Below, our noblest attempts at visual f…
Marching Band Covers Classic Video Game Themes
Anybody who was in high school marching band can go ahead and hang their head in shame now. The Ohio State University marching band just made all those mornings you woke up early to practice 'Taking It to the Streets' totally obsolete.
21 Awesome ‘Nintendo Power’ Covers
Anyone nostalgic for the glory days of gaming will be sad to hear that 'Nintendo Power' will be magazine-shuttering its magazine-windows soon, with a senior editor promising on Twitter to try to "make the last issues memorable." We'll miss this magazine, which sadly cannot compete with som…
Super Mario Juggling Wins An Extra Life
Juggling is a difficult thing to do well, especially in groups. Working out a Mario themed juggling routine is that much harder. That's never stopped the Boston juggling troupe A Different Spin, though.
This Is How Chuck Norris Would Play Super Mario Bros.
If you grew up in the 1980s, chances are you know how the first level of Super Mario Bros. is played. That first level is etched into the heads of every video gamer, whether you played it on the original NES or not. Now imagine how that first level would have played out had it been martial arts lege…
PETA Slams Nintendo Mascot Mario For Wearing Fur
Animals rights advocacy group PETA has issued a scathing criticism of beloved video game character Mario in the wake of the new Nintendo 3DS game 'Super Mario Land 3D' for powering-up by wearing a "Tanooki suit."
Named for Tanukis, the raccoon dogs that have long held an important place in …
Play Super Mario Bros. in a Cardboard Box [VIDEO]
The Super Mario Bros. have made hundreds of appearances in different video games since the characters were introduced in 1985, but this one is probably the most unique.
It's an electronic board game version of the Nintendo classic, the player maneuvers Mario analog-style, using a conve…