2014 Super Bowl Commercials

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The 12 Greatest Super Bowl Ads of All-Time
The Super Bowl might bring the promise of glory to one group of lucky fans and humiliating and bitter defeat to another, but for the rest of the universe, it's a chance to enjoy some primo, top-of-the-line adver-tainment.
Oprah Narrates Jeep’s 2013 Super Bowl Commercial
We knew to prepare for some emotional manipulation when this 2013 Super Bowl Jeep ad started with a quote from Oprah. Unlike many other advertisers, who prepared the ground for their commercials with teasers and campaigns, Chrysler was very closed-mouthed about their Super Bowl production. After pre…
Bud Light Recruits Stevie Wonder For 2013 Super Bowl Commercial
Bud Light's advertising theme this year for Super Bowl 2013 has been the various superstitions sports fans entertain about their teams' chances of winning. In this ad, one fan will do just about anything to secure a victory even if that means visiting a voodoo priest. It just so happens that priest …
Prudential’s 2013 Super Bowl Commercial Charts Your Lifespan
The Prudential life insurance company offered a somewhat chilling look at the inevitability of age and mortality in their Super Bowl 2013 commercial. But fret not! While becoming old and infirm is unavoidable, Prudential can help you soften the blow by ensuring that you're not old, infirm and d…

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