Chevy Sonic ‘Stunt Anthem’ Commercial – What’s the Song?
Chevy has decided to enter the Gen Y market of reasonably-priced wheels that just seem like a whole lot of fun to drive. Their breakout vehicle? The Chevy Sonic. Their recent 2012 Super Bowl commercial showed the Sonic doing all kinds of sweet non-car stunts. But it was the catchy song that also had…
10 Unbelievable Kite Videos for Kite Flying Day
Most of us have had an unusually mild winter, so having 'Kite Flying Day' in February doesn’t seem like that bad an idea. Any other year, and the annual return of Kite Flying Day on February 8th would seem sad for those of us who can’t go out and celebrate.
Guy Leaps Speeding Minibike in Single Bound [VIDEO]
One man risks serious injury to his groin and other delicate areas by jumping over a speeding minibike heading straight toward him. Perhaps the most notable thing about the video, however, is how silly his accomplice looks driving around on the tiny two-wheeler. Watch a potentially dangerous minibik…
Chevy Sonic Goes Skydiving and Bungee Jumping [VIDEO]
This video of a skydiving Chevy Sonic is part of an ad campaign based around the idea of firsts.
In addition to skydiving, the campaign also features a video of the Sonic completing what is presumably the first automobile bungee jump ever attempted. Watch them both below.

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