Star Wars

8 Actors Who Almost Played Famous Roles
For the most part, iconic movie characters become indistinguishable from the actors who played them on the big screen. But what if the actors who were originally approached to play the roles had said “yes” instead of “no?” With Jennifer Hudson’s revelation in her new book that she turned down the ti…
Could We Actually Build a ‘Star Wars’ Death Star?
Let's say the little green man arrive and they aren't very friendly. We could just use some of that good old human ingenuity and build a Death Star from 'Star Wars' to zap their home planet, right?
Well, it doesn't seem likely. The folks at net did some calculations, based on how other p…
10 Actors You Probably Forgot Were Nominated for Oscars
For every role that can be considered "Oscar bait," there are the roles that are completely out of the norm for the Academy Awards.  The actors on our list all gave performances that have transcended Oscars and are more well-known for their contributions to pop culture.

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