Star Wars

The Best Meme Reactions to Disney’s Lucasfilm Acquisition
In case you missed it -- Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion dollars. They also own Marvel now too. To put it in other words, all that stuff you liked as a kid to prove you're not a girl is now owned by the people who made 'Beauty and the Beast.' (On the bright side, the next 'Kingdom Hearts' gam…
The Best Disney / Star Wars Mash-Up Art
The geekosphere was rocked today with the announcement that Disney has purchased Lucasfilm, the home of 'Star Wars,' for $4 billion. If that wasn't enough to inspire "Goofy shot first" jokes, Disney also announced plans to release a new 'Star Wars' movie in 2015 which will not be written o…
Galaxy’s Cutest Dog Wears ‘Star Wars’ Cone
Dressing up our furry friends means they're usually subject to embarrassment among other pups. However, we think it's the small price they pay for being so darn adorable. That being said, we've already made our Star-Wars-meets-puppies obsession pretty clear, what with the discovery of Ewok dogs and …
Orchestral Flash Mob Plays the Theme from ‘Star Wars’
The WDR Symphony Orchestra adds a much-needed touch of class to flash mobs by rapidly convening in a square in Germany and serenading the assembled crowd with a piece of music. Of course, their decision to play the 'Star Wars' theme makes the whole thing border on geeky, but we're oka…
10 Dogs Dressed as ‘Star Wars’ Characters
We really, really love 'Star Wars.' And by "love" we mean we're borderline obsessed. The only thing that could make it better is if small dogs somehow got involved. Which is to say, it just got better. These dogs display almost as much love as we feel for the fantasy…
Cat Sings ‘Star Wars’ Theme, Conquers Internet
While 'Star Wars' is darn near perfect, we've always thought it could use more cats. Imagine our glee, then, when we discovered this video of a space-faring kitty meowing the theme from the 1977 classic film. It's the best of both worlds!
‘Star Wars’ Theme Soothes Crying Baby
A crying baby can cause tons of stress and sleepless nights for parents. So, when they figure out a magical key to soothing the little monster when it starts to fuss, that's a big deal indeed — even if it's something as unlikely as bombastic as the 'Star Wars' theme.
Vader Taken Out By Own Lightsaber, Dog
Darth Vader is lord of the Dark Side, second only to the Emperor in his power and command of the more dangerous side of the Force. This apparently means that he doesn't know which end of his lightsaber to use and can be taken down by an enthusiastic dog.
Darth Vader Cake Shows How Sweet the Dark Side Can Be
Last Friday, a massive, life-sized Darth Vader cake was unveiled at a 15th anniversary banquet in Orlando, Florida, for the 501st Legion, a fan-based organization dedicated to constructing and wearing screen-accurate costumes from 'Star Wars.' Who knew the all-powerful Sith had such a swee…

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