Star Wars

Light Saber Flash Mob Takes Over New York City Park [VIDEOS]
About a thousand wannabe Jedis flooded New York's Washington Square Park for the city's second annual light saber battle.
Despite what was described as "an epic Braveheart-style skirmish," nobody was injured and the only complaint by the event's participants was that there wasn't enough spa…
What Were the ‘Star Wars’ Villains Like as Kids?
Yeah, we all know how 'Star Wars' villains Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader turned out. But have you ever wondered what they were like as kids?
Etsy sellers the Octopus Tree House did, and the resulting prints by the artist collective are oddly adorable.
The Jedi Kittens Strike Back [VIDEO]
When we last checked in with the Jedi Kittens they were engaging in an intense light-saber battle on the living room couch.
In the felines' latest clip, they've taken to the skies in a re-creation of the classic X-wing vs. TIE Fighter space battle from 'Star Wars.'
Watch Jedi Kitte…

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