Star Trek

George Takei On Facebook Redesign: ‘Chill Out’ [VIDEO]
Facebook's latest redesign has left many of the social network's users feeling antsy. To quell this unease,  'Star Trek's' George Takei took to YouTube to offer a glimpse into the future. The powerful, yet soothing, voice of Captain Sulu assures humanity that it will al…
Star Trek Resort Coming to Jordan
Trekkies will have the perfect place to enjoy a little fun in the sun, come 2014, when a 1.5 billion dollar Star Trek-themed resort is scheduled to open in the Middle Eastern kingdom of Jordan.
‘Star Trek’ Recut to Look Like a Sitcom [VIDEO]
While 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' would occasionally make a stab at humor, few would describe the sci-fi series, which ran between 1987 and 1994, as a comedy. But it turns out there was a great sitcom lurking beneath the intergalactic quandaries and technical jargon all along, and all…