Triton the Soccer Playing Lion Is the New David Beckham [VIDEO]
Like most lions, Triton spends most of his day either napping or gnawing on some tasty meat.
But when this 11-year-old resident of the Johannesburg, South Africa zoo has a soccer ball tossed his way, he suddenly becomes a whirling dervish of activity. Who knew a lion could bend it like Beckham?
Robot Soccer Goalie Shuts Out Shooters [VIDEO]
If you think soccer is a low-scoring sport now, just wait until the robot goalies take over. This prototype of a mechanical goalkeeper isn't ready for a regulation net, but is able to flawlessly protect his indoor soccer-sized goal from some pretty tough shots using GPS-like technology.
Next, th…
Elderly Soccer Fan Attacks Ref With His Scooter [VIDEO]
The legendary passion of the European soccer fan isn't just for the young, apparently.
This aged spectator at a Dutch Second Division (minor league) match was so irate that the ref had showed the home team six yellow cards in a four-to-three loss that he stormed the pitch with his mobility scooter an…
Real Madrid Soccer Club Signs 7-Year-Old Boy
We've all heard stories about how athletes are recruited at younger and younger ages by college teams, but Real Madrid, the professional and well-known Spanish soccer club, has gone a step beyond that.
The team has signed a seven-year-old boy from Argentina. That's right -- he's seven.