Little Boy Attempts to Ski While Falling Asleep
Learning to ski can be exciting and fun, but it can also take a lot out of you. Young Bode knows all too well how physically exhausting a day on the slopes can be, as he fell asleep standing up in his skis after a rough day on the mountain.
Watch Paralyzed Skier Josh Dueck Land an Amazing Back-Flip
When aspiring professional skier, Josh Dueck broke his back in 2004 attempting a back-flip, he was left paralyzed but he didn't let that stop him accomplishing his goal 8 years later. And as you'll see in this inspiring video, he nailed a complicated move that is tough for even normal skii…
Dogs and Waterskiing Do Not Mix [VIDEO]
Getting a dog to water ski is a lot harder than they made it out to be in those old Spuds MacKenzie beer commercials. Watch a group of water skiers try and fail to get their pooch to join in on the fun below.