The Screaming Sheep Acts the Way You Feel
We're all feeling it. Only this sheep is brave enough to express it. Because if you screamed like this in the office or at school, something bad would probably happen. We're not sure what, because nobody's ever done it. Thank you, sheep. Thank you...
Sheep Dresses Like a Lady for Halloween
Discovering a Pikachu pug or a Rabbi cat will never, ever get old. We have absolutely no explanation regarding this adorably aww-worthy obsession, but we’re pretty sure most of you will agree with us. But why does it seem like we limit our dressing-up-pets possibilities to dogs, cats and the occasio…
The Mystery of the Screaming Sheep
How many emotions can you experience in seven seconds? This video of a sheep with a bloodcurdling human scream, posted with no explanation, will help you find out.
Lawn Mowers Too Noisy? Try Sheep Instead
When a lawn looks unkempt, most people use a mower to get it back in shape. But Eddie Miller would like you to consider using something else instead -- like maybe a few sheep, for example.
Angry Sheep Attacks Rude Little Girl [VIDEO]
Don't taunt a sheep unless you want to end up getting rammed (pun intended) like the girl in this video. This sheep goes nuts after a nasty little urchin tosses a coconut at its head. Luckily for the rude girl the sheep's ramming instincts have preceded the development of his hor…