Want to Feel Old? Try MIT’s Aging Suit
If you've ever wondered what being a senior citizen feels like, wonder no more. Thanks to researchers at MIT's AgeLab, you can don a suit that will mimic many of the physical effects of an average 70-year-old body. Well, not Betty White's. That woman is unstoppable.
Two Adorable Senior Citizens Learn to Use a Webcam
Bruce Huffman, 86, and his 79-year-old wife Esther recently bought their first laptop computer, which came with a built-in webcam. As they try to figure out how to use the camera function, they inadvertently make a hilarious three-minute video of themselves. Check it out below
61-Year-Old College Football Player Alan Moore Makes History
Alan Moore, a 61-year-old Vietnam veteran and grandfather of five, has shown that you're never too old to follow your dreams. At the age when most people enter retirement, Moore recently became the oldest college football player in history as a placekicker at Faulkner University in Alabama…
Married Couple of 72 Years Dies Holding Hands
Gordon Yeager, 94, and his wife Norma, 90, were married for 72 years. And on Wednesday of last week, the Des Moines, Iowa couple were in a terrible car accident that took both their lives.
But they didn't die on the scene -- they died in side-by-side hospital beds, holding hands, exactly one hou…
Hip Granny Mitzi Robbins’ Music Video Goes Viral
In an attempt to blow some of her grandkids' inheritance, super-cool granny Mitzi Robbins -- who goes by the name themarvelousmitzi on YouTube -- recently commissioned some lucky soul to produce a music video of her singing the 1958 song, 'I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore.'
Grandmas Shotgun Beers at Michigan Football Game [VIDEO]
Two women of a certain age proved that that you can still have fun decades after graduation when they shotgunned cans of Michelob Ultra at a tailgate party. The ladies were captured on video in a University of Michigan parking lot before the Wolverines' football game against Eastern Michigan.
Elderly Soccer Fan Attacks Ref With His Scooter [VIDEO]
The legendary passion of the European soccer fan isn't just for the young, apparently.
This aged spectator at a Dutch Second Division (minor league) match was so irate that the ref had showed the home team six yellow cards in a four-to-three loss that he stormed the pitch with his mobility scooter an…

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