This 90-Year Old Is A World Record Holder in the Pole Vault
Of all the Olympic sports we'd rather not attempt, the pole vault may be at the top of the list. Not only would we be worried about the whole falling back to earth part, but the pole itself looks like it could do quite a number on somebody who lacks the requisite coordination.
Dr William Bell has no …
Nursing Home Delivers Mail and Adorable Baby Ducks to the Elderly
We all hate getting bills to the point where some of us will even hide them in the freezer to put them completely out of sight and therefore out of mind. Volunteer mailman Steve Score of Minnesota's Emmanuel Nursing Home has the unfortunate job of delivering such mail, but it looks like he's found t…
Rapping Senior Adult Choir Gets ‘Hot in Here,’ Goes Viral
They may look like your grandparents but this group of fine elderly folk have gone viral with their church choir. They are the Senior Adult Choir from the First Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia, and instead of praising the lord, these lovable senior citizens thought it would be fun to do some hip-…
Grandpa Opens His Drinks With a Chainsaw
Chainsaws are a beloved American power tool, mostly because they let us be utterly irresponsible with something sharp attached to a motor. But some of us push the chainsaw to its very limits. Like this surprisingly precise grandpa, who wants to open his beer.
College Sweethearts Marry After 60 Years Apart
Peggy Marie Pence Schuster and Henry O. Freund first felt a spark between them back in 1950 when the pair attended Southwestern of Memphis (now Rhodes College).
They exercised their young love by sitting next to each other in class and attending school events together. But like many college sweethear…
These Two Old Best Friends Will Brighten Your Day
When NBC reporter Ben Aaron visited a senior center to do a segment on long-lasting love, he met two old guys - Harvey and Eddy - in their 80s who he instantly took a liking to. Interested to know more about them, Aaron did a segment on the duo and asked them a thing or two about modern-day society.
Teenage Sweethearts Reunited After 70 Years Apart
There aren't going to be too many tales of long-lost love in the future, thanks to social media sites which make it just about impossible for folks to really lose touch with each other.
But there was obviously no Facebook when Betty Hove and John Grosch meet in the early 1940s. He was 17 and she was …

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